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Brainstorm Team Meeting


'I Hate Social' began in 2020 when my long-term clients began referring more and more of their peers. Even though I never planned on having my own social media management business, I had to build something to help.

While many of the businesses coming to me were well-versed in their particular fields & industries, most lacked an understanding of social media and its importance - not just as a brand awareness tool, but as an avenue for sales.

Here is what you need to know about me...

I have plenty of social media experience and tons of "golden nuggets" I'd like to impart on you and your business.

The fun thing about working with me..

I keep my client list short because I like having a life, so you get 100% Brian Nealon. This means no cookie-cutter solutions, and you get 'custom-everything' if you work with me.

Last things you need to know...

I tell it like it is. I have tons of experience in recruitment marketing, sports/entertainment marketing, and weirdly... mortgage loan officer marketing. So if you're a recruiter, loan officer, sports team, singer/songwriter or artist - I've worked with someone like you before. I can be an immediate impact for you.

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